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L.A. Matocha

Principal Designer, Owner

TwentySix Interiors is led by sixth-generation Austinite and designer L.A. Matocha.  Upon graduating from Westlake High School, L.A. went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with minors in Art History and Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin.  L.A. continued her design pedigree working at award winning commercial and residential firms before opening TwentySix Interiors in July of 2015. 


L.A. fell in love with design and architecture from her early years of living room sofa forts and a handmade four-story Barbie dream house.  As the years progressed, design themed computer games and modeling software furthered L.A.’s love for designing. 


When she’s not working, L.A. loves to travel with her husband, cheer on her Texas Longhorn Football team, and explore all that Austin has to offer with her family and friends. 

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