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Why TwentySix and what's the deal with the lion? 

African lions stay with their families, hunting, raising children, sleeping, and playing together.  Put simply, they are social creatures with distinctive roles in their group.  Similarly, humans form unbreakable bonds with family - with many familial activities centered in the home.  At TwentySix Interiors, we celebrate these ties and are deeply honored that we are welcomed into the heart of so many homes.


When L.A. was choosing the name for the firm, she needed some ideas and a friend suggested she start googling things she liked, he swore something would stand out.  She did just that, and the first search was her favorite animal, lions.  Within a few minutes, she discovered that, globally, there are twenty-six types of lions, everyone being unique.  Coincidentally, L.A. was born on the 26th of June and married on the 26th of April, so TwentySix was always a "lucky number".  


When should I hire a designer?

Whenever you want to, although it's always best when the design team is brought in early in the project.  As designers, we are advocates for our clients' vision and are trained to focus on your vision through initial concepts, development, construction, furniture and accessories - every step of the project.  

I have a remodeling project and I'm not sure if I need an architect or a designer.

Give us a call!  We're happy to talk through your needs, and guide you in the right direction

of who to hire.  

Why do I need a designer?

There are no small decisions when designing your home, and that's where we come in.  

A "simple" tile selection leads to questions about grout color and thickness, direction of

tiles, height up the wall, and edge detailing.  While answering all of these questions, 

TwentySix will source product and vendors that meet your needs, cutting out your

legwork and bringing only viable options to the table.  The pride will handle your every

need, giving you one point of contact and simplifying your life. 


Why should I pay for designer when some stores offer "free design assistance"?

Yes, there is a lot of "free design" help these days.  Unfortunately, there is usually a hidden agenda behind the "free" - as someone has to pay these consultants salaries.  Often times designers or consultants that are tied to a showroom or website can only show you lines that their company carries rather than the hundreds of lines an independent designer can offer.  

What if I don't know what my design style is? 

Don't worry about it, design styles are simply terms that help clarify your vision.  We'll make sure we have a clear vision of your style BEFORE we begin design selections.  


What is TwentySix Interior's style? 

Simply put, your style is our style.  Designers enhance and elevate the styles you already love using our knowledge of lines, colors, form, and function.  We would never impose our preferred design style on to you.


I have no idea of what my budget should be, where do I start? 

Our designers will create a custom Spending Plan for your project based on your style, desired quality of furnishings, and items needed. All projects require the Spending Plan to be  signed off on by both you and our designer.  This sets expectations and eliminates any surprises throughout the design process.   

I like to shop, I don't want everything selected for me - can I still work with a designer?

Yes!  Whether it's a couple of key pieces or your entire home, our designers will work with you to come up with a plan of action so no one is doing "double duty."  

Can I use my own contractor?

Absolutely!  While we have contractors we partner with, if you have a previous relationship with a contractor we definitely want to honor that.  


How will I be billed? 

TwentySix is transparent with our billing.  All design time is billed at a flat rate, so you know what you'll pay before we begin.  Product purchases are billed up front, and pricing always includes product, installation, and any applicable freight charges. 

I know designers get discounts on products, what does that mean for me? 

Yes, as designers we have trade access to vendors which offer us discounts on many products. 

We do share a portion of these savings with our clients.  When ordering product through designers,

a lot of time and energy is put into purchase orders, fabric or wallpaper cuttings for approval,

delivery and installation coordination - overall making sure that orders are handled smoothly.  

Procurement fees cover these costs and allow TwentySix to give clients the peace of mind that

comes with a simple ordering process.  This insider access also provides you with savings that you

will not see in most retail situations. 


What if I don't like a piece of furniture I bought through TwentySix Interiors? 

Truthfully this rarely happens, since many of the pieces we procure are custom ordered and non-returnable and we make sure that you have all the information you need to feel 100% confident in these decisions.  If there is a piece that you're unsure about, or want to test out, let our designers know - we'll make sure you are able to see and feel items before you purchase.  Keep in mind that for large upholstery (sofas, main living chairs, etc.) we do our best to shop local trade dealers so you can try out pieces before you buy on EVERY job. Trade vendors keep a variety of styles, sizes, fabrics, and upholstery fills (foam, down, etc.) on their floor for this very reason.  


In the event that a piece doesn't meet your expectations, let our team know asap.  We understand this can be a frustrating situation.  Sometimes we can find another client (ours or another designers) that loves the piece and will purchase it or the vendor may take the item back for a re-stocking fee.  Sometimes we can alter the piece to meet your needs. The last resort is having you keep the piece, however this is the exception, not the rule.  Many of the terms and conditions are not set by TwentySix, and we will be upfront with you about manufacturers policies.  

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