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Our philosophy is simple: the most important part of our design process is our clients.  Our pride gets to know your every need, want, wish, and desire so we can design the dream home for your family.  With every client meeting, designers and clients collaborate to ensure that your vision is present every step of the way – as designers we have years of experience designing beautiful spaces, however it has to the space of your dreams otherwise our job isn’t complete. 


Clients are kept updated between meetings with emails and phone calls to always be aware of what’s happening on your project.  Sometimes these updates are lengthy and sometimes they’re short with a sweet “everything is on track” – either way you’re always looped in.


At TwentySix, buying local is truly important to us. We shop and support local businesses as often as possible. This allows us to incorporate unique pieces while offering quality products.


  • Contact our design team to set-up a complimentary phone consultation – think of this as dipping your toe in the design waters before scheduling an in-home consultation.

  • In-home consultations are typically 45-60 minutes where our principal designer works directly with you to discover the possibilities in your home.

  • L.A. will put together a design agreement which will provide an estimate of design hours and a preliminary project schedule.  


  • The design team takes detailed measurements and photos of your home.

  • Our pride gets busy on your project laying out furniture, pulling fabrics, shopping tiles and countertops, and finding accessories. 

  • Client meetings are scheduled through design and implementation as needed.  Some meetings will be in your home, in showrooms, or virtual to best accomplish design needs.


  • Undoubtedly the  hardest part of the process – we’re not going to lie to you – is having your home under construction and waiting for furniture to arrive.

  • Our team works tirelessly to make sure you’re updated on the progress.  There will be some unexpected things along the way.  We will make sure that these are mere speedbumps on the overall journey.

  • Installations are the BEST!  The entire pride swoops in and transforms your house into the home of your dreams. 


  • L.A. completes a final walk-through with every client to make sure that everything is perfect, down to the last detail.

  • You'll receive a handy reference guide with information on how to care for your new products, including some helpful reference numbers should the unexpected happen. 

  • Fortunately the relationship with our clients rarely ends here, we love keeping in touch with our clients!  

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